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contenttitleicon How to make a YouTube Video and YouTube Video SEO...

In order to make a YouTube Video and get the YouTube video rank higher, you will need:

- A Digital camera (depends on if you want to make slide show (picture function) or video (recording function).
- A Movie Editor Software (such as Windows Movie Maker)
- A YouTube Account for Publishing Purpose.
- Good ideas and plenty of pratices
- Get the video related High Ranking YouTube Keywords into the Video Title.
When you have your videos ready (either .mov, .avi or mpg file). Open, create a profile (account). Click on "Upload" at the right upper corner. Fill in the blank with your Video Info and click on "Upolad a Video..."

Now it comes the important part: How to promote your YouTube video effectively? How to make it rank higher? How to generate more traffic/viewers.
1) You need to create a Title for your video. The keywords are also very important. You need to select High Ranking YouTube Keywords and create a keyword rich title!
2) You need to tag your video. Adding a tag means when viewer is searching for similar keywords, your video associated with those tags which you added will show up in their search results. (You can think this way, Title is for human to read, Tag is for computer to read). Tags helps to label videos so that other people can find this video in many different ways. Here is the instruction on how to add Tags.
3) You need to add Description for your video. Published Description is located beneath your played video. It gives people an idea about what this video is for. You will go to your account, "My Videos", "Edit" to add Description.
4) You need to add the keywords to your video's FileName. This definitely helps with YouTube Video SEO.