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contenttitleicon From A to Z: How to generate more traffic for your website?

No traffic? You probably are thinking that your content is excellent, design is beautiful, it should attracts tons of visitors right away. You waited and waited, a week passed by, 2 weeks.... You haven't seen anybody stop by, why? The answer is you can't just wait for people to knock on the door, you need to be proactive and Go Out and Market you site! You need to constantly find ways to market your website! Below are A through Z: ways to generating traffic to your website.

Generate Traffic Method A for Google Adwords. This is a famous and proven method for generating many web traffic. But it also cost some $. If you are interested in generating free traffic, please read on...
Generate Traffic Method B for Branding:
Create your own Favorite Icon for Branding Purposes: If you pay attention, many websites have their own icons. When visitors save their pages in the favorite bar, they can quickly identify the target website by looking at the icon. Such as Gmail is a Red Envelopegmail, Yahoo is a purple circle with a "Y!" yahooicon. In order to create your own favorite icon, you can use MS Paint to create a 32 x 32 pixel Canvas and create, then save it as JPEG file. Or use an existing image and resize to 32x32 pixel. Then you can use this tool to convert your image to an ICON file.

After that is done, you will need to add the ICON file (favicon.ico) to your root directory, which is where "index.html" is and add below codes between your <head> and </head>codes:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />.

By the way, "rel" stands for "relation", and in this case, the relation is "shortcut icon", "href" stands for "Hypertext Reference".
Generate Traffic Method C for Coupons: If your website offers goods or services for sell, sending coupons out via email is an effective way. People loves saving money, something marked "Online Only" or "Internet Purchase Only" with a Discount will bring you web traffic for sure.
Generate Traffic Method D for Discussion Boards: Visit Different Related Discussion Boards or Forums and answer people's questions, then relate the answers to information to your website. Generate Traffic Method E for Enter: Enter your site to as many search engines as possible:
Yahoo! Search is a big one: it contacts several Billion web pages, is more than 99% generated via free crawl. Here is Bing submission via anonymous tool to submit URLs. AOL uses Google for organic search and you can submit your site to Google. ALEXA is another popular one.
Generate Traffic Method F for Friends: remember to create accounts for your web business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Of course, the more friends, the more popular your website will be.
Generate Traffic Method G for Globalization: When you check on your traffic report, you will notice there are people from all over the world are clicking on your website. Remember your audience can be someone who speaks a totally different language, use a different type of currency.... Often time, offering different languages translations can be a big bonus!
Generate Traffic Method H for Hosting: Hosting a webinar can be very helpful on web traffic. Hosting consistent webinars (weekly or monthly) can maintain steady traffic flows.
Generate Traffic Method I for Incoming links: Incoming links are also named backlinks, means people create links on their page to link back to your website (either as reference, trusted source, useful tools...). Major search engines believe this method is an important factor for page ranking. Because it is controlled by the other end (the link generator) and the more people voluntarily link back to you, the more popular you are. It's THAT simple.
Generate Traffic Method J for Joint venture: You will partner with someone in the same industry with different products. Your joint venture parter has already built up relationship with their subscribers. Subscribers are trusting their endorsment versus you are trying to sell them something from yourself. Meanwhile, you can also offer your subscribers with new ideas and products too.
Generate Traffic Method K for adding a LiKe button or Share Button: Generate a Like button from Facebook Traffic can win you many more traffic than you think.
Generate Traffic Method L for Local Directories: Add your business to the local directory on search engines: Here is the big 3's Directories: Google, Bing, Yahoo!
Generate Traffic Method M for Meta Tags: Add Meta Tags to your website.
Generate Traffic Method N for Network Monitor: No matter which tool you use:, Google Analytics,, etc. You need to monitor it daily. Return visitors are just important as new visitors. Monitor your bounce rate of each page and improve.
Generate Traffic Method O for Online search: Add Online search to your site.
Generate Traffic Method P for Photo Gallery: Add Photo Gallery to your Site. "A picture is worth a thousand words". Often, People linger a lot longer at the photos than your well constructed paragraph. You can put your demo picture, sample photos, successful results, etc as a slide show.
Generate Traffic Method Q for Answering Questions: Visit and click on "browse catergory", select your website's catergory and look for the open questions. If you can answer any of these, please do and there is a box asking: "What is your source? Share the sites you referenced in your research and give credit". This is the place you can reference your site for the information that is related.
Generate Traffic Method R for Recommendations: Your website not only needs valuable content, but also truthworthy recommendations sources. World Wide Web is a big link systems that not only you request people to link in, but you also want to link out. You can recommend your joint venture's partner, the excellent service that you have used, a product that make your life so much easier, etc.
Generate Traffic Method S for Site Map: Create a Site Map. Site map is used for visitors (and web crawlers) to easily identify the links that they want to go. It shows the professionalism of the website.
title tabGenerate Traffic Method T for Title: Write a Title with Keywords. A Title (see right image) serves many purposes. It appears at the top of the window; the tab name; favorite's name; search engine result page list hyperlinks... So pick as many keywords as possible. A couple tips: You can include your website name at the end; Type the purpose of your website, not just the name.
Generate Traffic Method U for Unique: Provide something with unique value to visitors. Such as unique free Tools, Maps, Calculators, Estimators, Advices, Checklists/Manuals, etc.
Generate Traffic Method V for Verification: Frequently, you should visit the directories and check to see if your site is being included in the directory. Either submit again, or check to see if there is extra steps that you will need to do.
Generate Traffic Method W for keep Writing: Remember to keep writing valuable article consistently. The more fresh content that is generated from your website, the faster it will ooze out of the rest. We know the quality is important, but the quantity also plays a big role.
Generate Traffic Method X for aXessible: You should be available when your customers have questions and concerns. No matter they are phone calls, email, web feedbacks, etc, you should be there to help. People rarely notice the good service, but the not-so-good service can be noticed in a heartbeat and remembered for a long time.
Generate Traffic Method Y for YouTube Video: Add YouTube Video to your Site. Video sometimes rank higher than the static content. You can add business name to the video and bring traffic back to your website.
Generate Traffic Method Z for This is a place for your to start your article marketing. The orginal and content rich articles that you submit can bring exposure and tons of proven traffic to your website.